The PUA Books ( - please bookmark!) site was started by me, the Thundergod, with the hope that someday, this site will contain a complete library for personal and PUA development. I'm an evolving PUA and I feel that I got so much from this community that I should pay it back by contributing some of the information I used to reach my success.

This is a list of the books and resources me and my fellow PUAs found useful in our self development process. I tried to break them down to categories to make them easier to search and I recommended things I found to work for me. I'm sure there are many other resources out there, so please feel free to email me their names and I will post them to the site. I would also gladly appreciate any feedback or ideas you have for making this site better, I can't afford to pay you for them, but you will definitely get a credit and my undying gratitude...

You might have noticed the links to Amazon and various other sites. Since I'm paying out of pocket for this site, I want a way to recover some of my expenses while providing a great browsing experience, so if you are interested in buying one of the books on this site, Please use the provided link so I can get a few cents out of the purchase and pay off some of the expenses. If you have something that you want to advertise, you can also contact me.

I also wanted to mention that I am not responsible for any of the content of these resources, and I will not engage in debates to why a certain resource has or has not been posted on the site.

Thank you for visiting the PUA books website. Thundergod (